EP 001: Where Small Business Passion Aligns with Customer Needs

Tyann Marcink is our guest today.  She’s a mother of 3 boys, A Vacation Rental Owners, a photographer, a speaker, and an author.  But moreover, she’s a downright giver, with a gift for recognizing a void in an industry, and fulfilling a need in that industry.

Tyann talks a bit about where she has come from, how she managed to find her first product and launch her small business.

She talks about bootstrapping her business from the beginning

Yahoo moment…

Created a product from just a simple idea.  She couldn’t find the product she needed to hang something in her house.  So she created a niche product.  Produced it, and sold it!

She explains how this need met her passion.

Square Peg Round Hole Moment…

She was working for the largest gift store in her state.  She wasn’t challenged.  She learned a great deal from this family business, was so valuable at the company that when she left, she was replaced by 2 employees.  Proof that she was valuable to that small business!  She learned customer service and business ethics from the owners.


Watch and learn from where you work.  You may not be happy there, but use that as a tool to learn, so that you will be ready when you are launching your own business.

Presentation is everything in business.  The effort you put in to that will be so much more valuable on the other side when the product or service is received.

Mindset is big when it comes to small business growth.  It empowers you to think properly when it comes to growth.  Mindset isn’t about a long term process, it can be just one small situation, one instance, and just one small mindset change at one time can change the future of how you think.

“Conference really changed the way I viewed them”.  Tyann talks a bit about how she had trouble justifying the investment and the ROI.  So she set some goals.  She has a specific idea to be more social online, and from that she started getting invited to be an expert speaker as the Leading Vacation Rental Photographer in that industry.

She talked about not feeling that she fit in when she walked into a room at the conference.

Her point overall was that she came up with a vision, but she took massive action.  Some of those actions were out of her comfort zone.

One tip she had for having success at conferences was to be open.  Introduce yourself, say Hi and ask what they do!  Show interest in them, don’t just talk about yourself.

When you have multiple businesses, you need help.  “There are people smarter than you and more knowledgeable than you”, so get some help.  Hire out what you are not good at.

Something most people don’t know about Tyann, is that she was named after her Dad’s former Girlfriend!

You can find Tyann Online at her website, www.tyannmarcink.com




You can get her book here: Create Killer Vacation Rental Property Photos

Conference Highlight

Vacation Rental Success Summit – http://www.vacationrentalsuccesssummit.com

May 6th and May 7th 2017

You can find Tyann online here:
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