EP 003: Why Small Business Owners Should Create Multiple Customer Profiles

This week Dan and Matt speak to Ronii Bartles who owns and operates a marketing company: Bartles and Associates.

Ronii began her career with a marketing research consultancy. When in the midst of the 2008 economic crisis the company began laying off people (she was not one of them) she had an idea to start her own business and so left of her own accord. With a great value proposition in hand she turned her former employer into her first client. In this episode, Ronii shares with us how she turned a challenging time into an opportunity by taking action!

Ronii’s love of research finds her working with creative entrepreneurs to help them address their consumers needs better. She shares why it is so important to ensure that small businesses do their market research and build consumer profiles before developing their products. She elaborates on the common mistakes that small businesses make when it comes to market research and how her business tries to address this problem. Ronii also delves into the importance of data, gives the listeners some insight into her methodologies, and the outlines what businesses do wrong when using Facebook for marketing.

Having successfully run a small business since 2008, Ronii also shares tips on how best to network especially if your business is niche, how to pick conferences and get the best value from them, and how to prevent yourself from isolating yourself – a common trap that small business owners often fall into.

More about Ronii and her business can be found at the following websites and social media platforms:

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Las Vegas, NV: September 11-13, 2017

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