EP 007: How to Use Spark and Grind in Your Business to Take Massive Action

Erik Wahl is an internationally recognised graffiti artist, a best selling author and corporate keynote speaker. He works to bring his message of creativity to the world through his epic audience experiences at conferences and corporate events.

Erik attributes his success to the fact that he has failed more than anyone he knows of because he also takes more risks than anyone he knows of. This guru of creativity shares how he is able to keep going despite these failures. He gets real with us and shares the lowest point in his life, during the DotCom bust, where as he describes it: “both my ego and my bank account were crushed”.  Erik attributes his success to many factors and shares with us how authenticity is key and plays a huge role in his business and presentations.

He also shares with us some practical advice on addressing fear through what he calls “Fear Vaccination Labs” and, setting up some discipline and structure in your life by using routines as a “compass and not a map”. He also shares why he thinks our addiction to security in our lives and businesses can be very harmful and how to move past that.

Having only started painting at the age of 30, Erik shares why creativity is stymied in so many people, how to reconnect with your creative side and how we can use EQ to make the most of our internet and social-media driven world.

More about Erik and his business and books can be found at the following websites and social media platforms:

Erik’s books can be found here The Spark and the Grind: Ignite the Power of Disciplined Creativity and Unthink.

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