EP 008: Creating Awesome Crowdsourcing Campaigns for Your Small Business

Salvador Briggman is the founder of CrowdCrux, a blog that helps entrepreneurs raise money through crowdsourcing. The blog has been featured by the New York Times, The Wallstreet Journal and CNN among others. He has helped over 400,000 individuals raise funds through his websites and books.

Straight out of college, Salvador made the decision to, in his words, “take a bet on himself”. He began his journey to help other entrepreneurs by turning down a lucrative job in Washington D. C. Instead, he moved to New York City to put together his own business and started CrowdCrux.

Salvador walks us through the types of crowdsourcing available and the kinds of projects and products crowdsourcing are best for. Having helped thousands fund raise through crowdfunding, Salvador shares his invaluable insights on how to create and execute effective campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. He focuses on how make the most of email lists for your campaigns but also how to serve and add-value to the crowdsourcing communities online.

Finally, he also shares a few insider tips on how to give your fundraising campaign that extra edge. Most importantly, he points out the differences between a super successful and mediocre crowdfunding campaign!

More about Salvador and CrowdCrux can be found at the following websites and social media platforms:

Salvador’s latest book on crowdsourcing can be found here Kickstarter Launch Formula: The crowdsourcing Handbook for Startups, Filmmakers, and Independent Creators


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