EP 022: Competing with Yourself to Improve Your Small Business

Jake Thompson is the founder and Chief Encouragement Officer at Compete Every Day, a global lifestyle brand. Jake is a keynote speaker and hosts his own podcasts called Better Than Yesterday, which distills the art of competition into actionable tips people can use within their own lives.

Jake took massive action back in 2011 when he realised that his current business didn’t really suit him. So, he stepped away from his successful consulting business and began, literally, selling t-shirts out of the trunk of his car. And that is how Compete Every Day was born. Jake shares with us the story behind the company and how he made his philosophy and mantra into a successful small business.

What’s the definition of a square peg in a round hole? Well, Jake and his company! He explains why they have come to embody this definition and why forging your own path is the way to forward. So what are some of the challenges you face when you are a square peg in a round hole? Jake describes some of these very real daily challenges and what keeps him moving forward and improving his business every day.

You can also get in touch with Jake and find out more about what he does through his website and the following social media platforms:

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