EP 027: The Hidden Potential in Ourselves and Our Business

Stan Peake was born to be a coach. Stan’s first foray into running his own business was when he started a personal training business at the age of 21.

At 31 he bought into his second business, which went through a merger and acquisition by a larger holding company. Stan later founded InSite Performance Coaching LTD in 2015 “to help values-based leaders live their dreams”. In Stan’s words (and InSite’s # 1 Core Value), “it’s better to be scared and uncomfortable passionately chasing your dreams than it is to be comfortable but unfulfilled”. Stan continues to build InSite to help achieve its vision of helping 10,000 values-based to leaders live their dreams!

Stan shares his story with Matt and Dan how he turned what could have been a low point in his life, breaking his back in a mountain biking accident just as he was starting off InSite, into a time when he took massive action and managed to get massive results. Stan’s experience in and techniques for coaching business owners and leaders was one of the reasons he was able to turn this moment of adversity into personal triumph and inspiration for others. He then goes on share how he gets people who are struggling to take action to get moving, how to maximise on risks business owners take, how to deal with disappointment and keep going and, finally, how following-up can make or break your business.

You can also get in touch with Stan and find out more about his work through his website and the following social media platforms:

You can get Stan’s book, BREAKthroughs in Success: How a Broken Back Healed a Broken Mind, here.

You can also find the book referred to in the podcast, Go for No, by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz here.  


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