EP 099: Why Culture Eats Strategy For Business

Are you hoping Google and SEO will bring you business? Are you relying only on your online marketing to make connections and community? Are you afraid to share your knowledge and expertise?

In this episode, Matt and Dan speak to Richard Nongard, a business coach, speaker, and trainer. Richard shares how to build culture, community, and identity for your small business.
Richard is an expert in business who started his career in 1983 as a cold-calling salesperson in the auto industry. With stints at both Nissan and Honda dealerships in the mid-1980s, he learned sales Zig-Ziglar style. He has experience in medical and educational sales, administration, and product development. He is a serial entrepreneur and has owned several restaurants as well as various other business ventures over the years. Richard is also a psychotherapist by training.
You can get Richard’s latest book, Viral Leadership, here.
You can connect with Richard through the following website and social media accounts:
● LinkedIn: Richard Nongard
● Twitter: @nongard1
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