EP 100: Embrace Your Challenges for Small Business Growth

Does your mindset get in the way of your business growth? Are you struggling to take the action you need to? Do you embrace challenges or shy away from them?

In this episode, Matt and Dan speak to Michael McDonnell, an entrepreneur, podcast host, and former personal trainer.
Mike shares how to overcome personal challenges to make way for your small business to grow. Mike has cystic fibrosis and diabetes, but he refuses to let that get in his way. During his journey going from being a tennis coach to a personal trainer, he realized that his mindset was what got him to where he was. Now, he helps entrepreneurs get in their best mental state to succeed so they can become powerful at selling their products and services.
Mike has his own business podcast called the ROAR show and also co-owns an entrepreneurial magazine and has meetups worldwide.
You can connect with Mike through the following website and social media accounts:
● Instagram: Michael_McDonnell1
● Twitter: Michael_McDonnell2
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