EP 101: Publishing Isn’t All About Books

Are you a creative entrepreneur? Are you trying to build your business around your passion? Are you trying to crack the code of how to increase your income and influence online?

In this episode, Matt and Dan speak to Orna Ross, award-winning and bestselling novelist and poet. Orna shares how she built up her income and influence online and how you can do it too!

Aside from pursuing her passion for writing historical fiction, Orna Ross, also writes non-fiction guides for other authors and creative entrepreneurs. She is the founder and Director of the Alliance of Independent Authors, the professional non-profit association for self-publishing writers and has been named “one of the 100 most influential people in publishing” by UK publishing trade magazine, The Bookseller.

You can get a copy of Orna’s Go Creative! Starter Pack here or the full Go Creative! series of books from Orna’s website, here. 

You can connect with Orna through the following website and social media accounts:

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