EP 42: Why Bold Moves Are Necessary to Grow Your Small Business

Rick Clemons is a bold move expert, entrepreneur, author of Frankly My Dear I’m Gay, host of The Coming Out Lounge podcast, certified life coach, TEDx Speaker,  and world record holder.

He has helped thousands of people in over 50 countries across the globe come out of the closets of their lives and make bold moves to escape their BS., explore their fears, and elevate their self-expression (3E’s).

In this episode, Rick shares with Matt and Dan how he came up with the 3E’s through his personal journey of coming out and how he finds the process can relate to just about any issue faced by individuals or businesses. He also explains how his 3E’s technique can help small business owners make their own bold moves to grow their businesses.

You can get in touch with Rick through the following website and social media platforms:

Website: http://rickclemons.com

Twitter: @RickClemons

Facebook:  Rick Clemons – Speaker, Podcaster, Life Coach, Author

LinkedIn: Rick Clemons

Podcast: The Coming Out Lounge

You can get Rick’s book Frankly My Dear I’m Gay, here.



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