EP 43: Building Communities That Help Your Small Business Thrive

Joe Buhlig is a full-stack developer, avid podcaster, and Discourse expert who is hooked on entrepreneurship and pursuing ideas.

When he’s not writing code he thrives on helping people take control of their analog and digital tools on the Productivity Guild.

Joe, Matt and Dan discuss why businesses need communities, strategies on how to build them and how to keep them engaged. Joe provides insights into why he doesn’t use Facebook to create communities but also shares tips on how to leverage on Facebook if you do use it to build communities to market your small business and add value to your customers.

You can get in touch with Joe through the following website and social media platforms:

Website: https://joebuhlig.com OR https://productivityguild.com

Twitter: @JoeBuhlig

Instagram:  @joebuhlig OR  @prodguild

LinkedIn: Joe Buhlig

Podcasts: Bookworm, Theoretical Accountability & Whims that Work


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