EP 44: The Magic of Momentum in Your Small Business

Tara Whitney is a CPA, business owner, speaker, writer and executive coach.

She is the founder and owner of RGA Financial Solution, a firm that helps small businesses get keen financial insight with strong accounting processes and financial reporting. Tara also coaches professional women to make bold steps by tuning in and trusting themselves.

In this episode, Tara re-defines massive action and shares how her definition has allowed gain that magic momentum in her business. She shares how gaining clarity in what she wanted to achieve and her true purpose has allowed her to get past hurdles that many entrepreneurs usually get stuck at. She talks about how her success in her business has come from being able to shift her focus to the right things and learning to adapt her mindset, processes and methodologies.

You can get in touch with Tara through the following website and social media platforms:

Website: www.rgafinancialsolutions.com OR www.tara-whitney.com

Twitter: @Tara_whitney11

LinkedIn: Tara Whitney


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