EP 46: How to Pick the Right Web Design Company for Your Small Business

Austin LaRoche loves to explore. With a “run like hell and apologize later” attitude, Austin has built a career out of “going for it.”

Austin came to digital marketing in 2008 with the Chicago Tribune when he stumbled into a job doing something called “social media.” He parlayed this experience with his passion for helping small businesses and started a content marketing agency, the Exacta Group, in 2009. Exacta was acquired in 2014 by ATAK Interactive, where Austin currently sits as the Chief Marketing Officer. In three years with ATAK, he has spearheaded the company’s growth, quadrupling its annual gross revenue from 2013 to 2016 and overseeing 25 clients monthly.

A website is key to your small business, especially if you do not have a physical storefront or office.  In this episode Austin, Matt and Dan discuss how to have the best experience when you, as a solopreneur or entrepreneur, engage a web development company. Austin provides tips on when you should engage a web development agency, how to pick the right agency for your needs, how to keep engaged throughout the entire process and the price you should be paying for your website.

You can get in touch with Austin through the following website and social media platforms:

Website: www.atakinteractive.com

Twitter: @austinlaroche

LinkedIn: Austin LaRoche

Instagram: @AustinLaRoche

Facebook: Austin LaRoche

Austin’s latest project is the launch of his new non-profit, Elevate Adventures, in the spring of 2017. Currently, in its development phase, Elevate will collaborate with other non-profit organizations to bring their programs to backpacking adventures through America’s National Parks. You can find more information about Elevate Adventures here.


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