EP 47: The Drill, The Hole, or The Picture in Your Small Business

Dr. Michael Hudson is a keynote speaker, business strategist, and message coach. 

Michael spearheaded two major business programs, one at Cornell University and the other at the University of Illinois. Since then, he has moved on to follow his passion for helping experts, entrepreneurs, and executives create impact with their ideas and get their message heard. Michael is the host of the Get Your Message Heard podcast, author of the book Public Speaker Secrets: 52 Ways to Increase Your Impact Every Time You Speak, and a frequent keynote speaker at conferences and conventions. 

Michael discusses with Matt and Dan how to get more clarity in the message that your business is sending out to your customers as well as potential customers. How do you do that? Well, Michael shares a few unique ways on how to ask the right questions and gather feedback from your existing customers on the experiences that your services provide for them. Understanding how your business adds value to your customers’ lives will also help you gain clarity on which clients you should be working with. Finally, Michael shares the secret to his success in life: ask, listen, learn and serve.

You can get in touch with Michael through the following website and social media platforms:

Website: http://michaelhudson.com/ OR http://michaelhudson.com/mhblog/ for podcast updates

Twitter: @DrMichaelHudson

LinkedIn: Michael Hudson

Facebook: @michaelhudsonspeaker

You can also get Michael’s book here: Public Speaker Secrets: 52 Ways to Increase Your Impact Every Time You Speak.

Michael will provide a complimentary 15-minute message makeover for all SPRHPodcast listeners if you visit his site and fill out the form under michaelhudson.com/makeover with the details of your business. The session will help you clarify your business’ message so you attract more of the right customers (and repel the wrong ones).


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