EP 51: Does Your Likability Really Matter with Your Small Business

Michael Katz is an award-winning humorist and former corporate marketer, founder of Blue Penguin and Chief Penguin.

He specializes in helping established solo professionals get more and better clients by positioning themselves as Likeable Experts. Since launching Blue Penguin in 2000, Michael has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Business Week Online, Bloomberg TV, Forbes.com, Inc.com, USA Today, and other national and local media. He is the author of four books and has published more than 400 issues of “The Likeable Expert Gazette,” a twice-monthly email newsletter and podcast with 6,000 passionate subscribers in over 40 countries around the world.

Michael speaks to Matt and Dan about how solopreneurs and small business owners can set themselves apart from those providing similar services by increasing their likeability, an attribute he believes is too frequently overlooked in business. He shares techniques on how to be your “likeable authentic self” and how to improve your chances of being referred to clients through the relationships that you build.

You can get in touch with Michael through his website, email and social media platforms:

You can get his latest book here: The Likeable Expert: 121 Insights to Start Your Day and Grow Your Business.

To get your hands on the resources Michael mentioned in the podcast go to http://michaelkatz.com/sprh/.

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