EP 56: In Your Small Business It’s Not What You Know Or Who You Know, It’s…

Ralph Henderson is a calculating risk-taker who thrives on challenging the status quo with a passion for creating marketing strategies and campaigns.

Ralph is an extraordinary relationship builder who works with and through others in order to deliver results. Above all, Ralph relishes the opportunity of partnering with leaders from all walks of life and connecting others with their full potential. As one of his close associates says, “Once you meet Ralph, you’ll understand why his LinkedIn profile title is ‘Not your ordinary Supply Chain/Logistics Marketing and Event Production Guy‘.” Ralph has worked with hardware, software, and consultant suppliers, like Kingway, CAPS, Foxfire and Peach State, as well as users of supply chain equipment and services such as Sara Lee and Hanes.

Ralph shares that when he started building his company he asked himself, and more importantly answered, the question, ‘if money were no objective what would you do?’. With the answer in hand, he began to build his business which covers a very niche market. He strongly believes in the saying: the narrower your niche the wider your market, and explains why this is so. He talks to Matt and Dan about finding niches for your business as well as marketing yourself and your business. Ralph also shares his personal motto, It’s not about what you or who you know, it’s about….”. Yes, we left that out intentionally so you’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out how Ralph’s personal motto ends!

You can connect with Ralph through his website and social media platforms:

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