EP 60: What To Do When the Right Goes Wrong in Your Small Business

Have new regulations ever affected your small business? How did you deal with it?

In this podcast, Matt and Dan speak to Darik Eaton whose business in the vacation rental industry was in jeopardy due to the impending implementation of new regulations in the state of Washington. Find out how he put a stop to the potentially detrimental regulations being implemented and, how you can organize your small business to avoid falling victim to such regulations.

Darik is a self-taught student of the Vacation Rental Industry.  His journey started with a purchase of a single condo in Downtown Seattle, which quickly became a company managing nearly 50 properties.  When told to expect 8 nights in the offseason of February, he achieved 22 nights in the first month of operating. He now runs 4 different vacation rental companies which employ a number of people all over the United States.

You can connect with Darik through his website and social media platforms:

You can also get Darik’s ebook Regulations here.  

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