EP 69: Addressing Difficult Situations with Dr. Conflict

Do you have conflicts in your small business? Are these conflicts proving to be a hurdle to the growth of your business?

In this episode, Matt and Dan speak to Dr Liane Davey about addressing and resolving conflicts in your business. She talks about how most people avoid conflict but that actually, conflict is not only the part of normal relationships it is a critical defense against unhealthy relationships in the in small businesses.

Dr. Liane Davey is a New York Times Bestselling author, a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review, and the organizational psychology expert for Quartz magazine. As the co-founder of 3COze Inc, she advises on business strategy and executive team effectiveness with executives at companies such as Amazon, Walmart, TD Bank, and SONY PlayStation. Liane has a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology and has served as an evaluator for the American Psychological Association’s Healthy Workplace awards.

You can connect with Dr. Liane through the following website and social media platforms:

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