EP 72: Push vs. Pull: Gaining Influence in Your Small Business

Still feel a little queasy about doing sales for your small business? How can you change your mindset towards sales? And, are you really influencing your employees and customers?

In this episode, Matt and Dan speak to Bob Burg, a speaker, former television personality, and top-producing salesperson. Bob answers many of your questions about sales and the mindset you need to approach it.
Bob co-authored the bestselling series of Go-Giver books with John David Mann. The latest in the series, The Go-Giver Influencer: A Little Story About a Most Persuasive Idea, has sold over 700,000 copies! In 2014, Bob was named as one of the 30 Most Influential Leaders by the American Management Association, and he is also one of Inc.’s 100 Great Leadership Speakers. Richtopia named him one of the Top 200 Most Influential Authors in the World. Bob is an advocate, supporter, and defender of the free enterprise system. He believes that the amount of money people make is proportional to how many people they serve.
You can connect with Bob through the following website and social media platforms:
Bob’s latest book, The Go-Giver Influencer: A Little Story About a Most Persuasive Idea, is available here.
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