EP 85: Why Small Business Owners Need to Set Boundaries to Avoid Burnout

Do you feel like you’re burning out? Do you have a team but continue doing everything yourself? When is the last time you took a break from your business?

In this episode, Matt and Dan speak to Michael Levitt, CEO and Boundaries Advisor for Breakfast Leadership, Inc. Michael talks about setting boundaries in your small business to avoid burning out.

Michael, with his company Breakfast Leadership, teaches senior leaders and managers how to (Re)learn boundaries in their lives, so they can accomplish more, by doing less. Michael lost his health, his job, his car, and his home all in 369 days, an experience he recounts in his book: 369 Days: How to Survive a Year of Worst-Case Scenarios. He teaches people how that happened to him so that they can make the critical changes in their lives to prevent those losses from happening to them.

You can connect with Michael through the following website and social media accounts:

Michael’s book 369 Days: How to Survive a Year of Worst-Case Scenarios can be found here.

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