EP089: Dealing your own Destiny in your Small Business

How can you get better at branding and become buzzworthy? What’s your Wow? And, are you dealing your own destiny?

In this episode, Matt and Dan speak to Kate Delaney, female sports commentator, talk show host, author, speaker and leader in the world of sports broadcasting.

Kate shares insights to help you powerfully share your message to your audience. She tells us how it took 550 rejections before she was able to break into the male world of sports. Today, Kate is a top business and motivational speaker whose unique background, common sense, and straight-forward approach opens the hearts and minds of her audiences and challenges them to get into action. She shares what she has learned from interviewing over 15,000 successful individuals, including four former Presidents. Kate is one of the first women to ever host a solo Sports Radio Talk Show in a Top 10 market – WFAN in New York City and KRLD in Dallas, Texas.

You can connect with Kate through the following website and social media accounts:

You get Kate’s books here: Invade the Man Cave, here and Deal Your Own Destiny, here.

If you listen closely to the episode you may also be able to get a SIGNED COPY of Invade the Man Cave! Good luck!

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